Email Directory

By name: To send an email to a current employee at Aaron & Company who is not listed below, the address is the person's first initial and last name followed by "". Example: an email to an employee named Joe Smith would be addressed in your server as:


Barry Portnoy, President
Richard Laudino, COO
Frank Laudino, CIO
Anthony Conte, CFO
Anthony Panko, VP of Operations
Victor DeRosa, Controller
Mary Aure, Credit Manager
Phil Nobile , Accountant
Margie Mish, Human Resources
Jackie Piano, Executive Assistant
Kevin Manning, VP of Sales & Marketing
Arthur Franklin, Strategic Development
John Provenzano, VP of HVAC Division
Steve Rush, Purchasing Manager


Ted Garrigana, HVAC Account Manager
Andy Van Riper, HVAC Account Manager
Alan Mandel, New Construction Manager
Robert Shelton, Account Manager
Robert McBride, Account Manager
Suzanne Lynch, Marketing Coordinator
Lindsey Portnoy Rodner, Marketing Manager
Robert Trumble, HVAC Equipment Sales Manager
Allen Rice, Training Manager
Mathew Lease, Account Manager
John Flatt, Account Manager
Piscataway Sales
New Brunswick Sales
Flemington Sales
Somerville Sales
Trenton Sales
Freehold Sales
Brielle Sales
HVAC Sales

Aaron Kitchen &
Bath Design Gallery

Diane Bradley, Showrooms Mgr
Bruce Sax, Kitchen Division Manager

New Brunswick



By Branch

Scott Bennett, Piscataway Plumbing Manager
John Paolucci, New Brunswick Manager
Tony Mixell, Fairfield Manager
Chet Wohltman, Brielle Manager
Harry Opdyke, Flemington Manager
Mike Kelco, Somerville Manager
Tom Gasper, Trenton Manager
Steve Raphel, Freehold Manager
Keith Jaeger, HVAC Division Manager

By Department

Human Resources